Reasons to choose SEAS THE DAY

Unlike a great many of our other Fort  Lauderdale yacht charters competitors we provide the highly  luxurious 80 foot Sunseeker. Once you are on Motor Yacht SEAS THE DAY, all of your problems will be a thing of the past as you head out into the open waters leaving all worries behind. Our Fort  Lauderdale yacht charter company has been providing daily charters all  throughout the South Florida, the Keys and the Bahamas area.

Affordable Fort Lauderdale yacht charters


Locating an affordable Fort Lauderdale yacht charter can sometimes be a difficult task. Yachts, especially during the warmer months, are in high demand. Our Motor Yacht SEAS THE DAY charters begin at a reasonable price  when compared to many of the other Fort Lauderdale yacht charter companies in  the area. We also offer very competitive rates for excursions out to the  Bahamas, a favorite with many tourists and locals alike.  

A Unique Experience with SEAS THE DAY

If you have attempted any internet searches, trying to determine which Fort Lauderdale  yacht charter company to choose, you can't go wrong with the five-star yachting  experience that you will receive on our beautiful Sunseeker yacht. Unlike other  companies that rent yachts for daily trips or to the Bahamas, you can actually  call the owners and talk to them on a personal level. They will answer all of your questions in a friendly and personable  manner, a common courtesy that most yacht charter companies in Fort Lauderdale  do not extend.  


Your charter will not be a cookie cutter experience; every charter  on motor yacht SEAS THE DAY is specifically designed for each excursion. Your  wish is our command.

Whether you are going to be in the Fort Lauderdale area for just a day, or if  you are thinking about spending a week in this beautiful Florida area, you owe  it to yourself to experience fun in the sun like none other while aboard motor  yacht SEAS THE  DAY.  On  our  new  luxury  80’  Sunseeker yacht, you will have a unforgettable, highly relaxed time. Whether you are going alone, bringing your  significant other, or even the whole family, it will be a short experience with memories that will last  a lifetime. Do yourself a favor and contact us at SEAS THE DAY, talk with the  owners, and get ready to experience the lifestyle that only a yacht can  provide.

The best yacht charters Fort Lauderdale has to offer

If you are in the Florida area, specifically in Fort Lauderdale, you might want to take advantage of the many yacht charters that are available today. Trying to locate the best company, one that offers exciting entertainment options, you cannot go wrong with SEAS THE DAY, a five-star yachting experience that you won't soon forget. Here are a few reasons why you should trust our company to provide you and your family with an experience on the warm Atlantic Coast line of Florida that is second to none.

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