Taking to the Open Seas with Yacht Charters Ft. Lauderdale

If you are like most people, then you will, at some point, want to take a vacation. Where you go on vacation will depend on your preferences, and of course whether or not you happen to have a family. When it comes down to it however, most people will choose to visit a tropical location, far away from home if at all possible. Does this describe you? Do you yearn to walk the white sandy beaches and  sail waters that most will never even get the chance to see in person? You aren't the only one. When it comes to finding the ultimate vacation destination, there is nothing quite like taking to the open water on a chartered yacht. Many people go to the beach, and others might visit amusement parks. Those with a real sense of adventure however, take to the seas and indulge some of their wildest fantasies. What is it that draws us to the open water? Could it be the beauty of the sea? Could it be the fact that we human beings managed to make an otherwise inhospitable environment perfectly welcoming for humans? Then again, could it be the isolation? The biggest problem most people find with entering the unknown waters is their inexperience. After all, not everyone can know how to sail a boat, or even more importantly, how to sail across the open ocean. These are big issues, but yacht charter Ft. Lauderdale can solve them rather easily by allowing you to take that first step onto the deck of your very own chartered boat. ​

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What is Yacht Charter?

Ft Lauderdale Yacht charters are incredibly exciting for anyone, simply because they give you the opportunity to sail without any boating experience. When you take a yacht charter, you will be given access to a medium to large sized boat, along with a full crew and a captain. The captain will be responsible for driving the boat, and there will be at least one individual responsible for maintenance. In addition to that, you will be furnished with a first class crew who will see to your every need. This way, if you have any questions about the boat, or any of the amenities, your questions will be answered promptly, and you will not have to worry about mistakenly sinking yourself. Depending on the yacht charter, you may need to prepare your own food, and in some cases, you may be responsible for feeding the crew of the ship, which is a small price to pay for such a huge adventure. 

Endless Adventure on Land or at Sea 


The available Fort Lauderdale Yacht Charters you will encounter can take you virtually anywhere, though some of the most popular vacation destinations are the Bimini Islands, and even the Bahamas. In the Bahamas island chain, you will find that there are more than 700 different islands, and you have the chance to visit as many of them as you want. Many of these islands are uninhabited, giving you the opportunity to sit and relax on your very own private beach. In addition to that, you can always take advantage of the onboard amenities. For example, many charter boats are equipped with a jet ski, which allows you to zip along the surface of the water at high speeds – something that many people will never experience while living inland!

There are many other opportunities that you might take advantage of on your endless adventure, for example, why not go snorkeling? This is an amazing pasttime that many people tend to forget about. While you are floating among the islands, you will eventually find yourself in shallow waters, which gives you the opportunity to explore the ocean floor and perhaps even take a look at some coral reef. Those who are a bit more experienced in the underwater world, of course, might want to try scuba diving, so long as the insurance on your yacht charter actually covers such an activity. If it does, then you may be in for one of the most exciting trips of your life!

Port of Call​

As with any boat based vacation, you will have an opportunity to go inland if you desire. Most island nations have tourist ports designed specifically for those who choose to vacation on the high seas, which provides endless opportunities. When you are planning your trip, you will find that these stops are always among your options and they come in different combinations, depending on where you wish to lay anchor. There are several different ports available, all of which offer a different cultural experience. In fact, traveling on a cruise ship IS one of the most definitive ways to experience other cultures and lands! 


The price of your charter will depend upon a number of things, namely the size of the boat and crew that you choose to take with you. Additionally, you will need to consider the insurance, as well as the time you wish to spend traveling. Most companies will offer a two day or three day cruise, though if you have the time and money, you can be gone for up to three weeks, depending on the company and their schedule.

Vacations can sometimes be difficult to plan, but when you charter a boat, you will find that most of the preparations are taken care of ahead of time. If you're ready to start looking into this amazing vacation alternative, then now would be a great time to start making your reservations, even if it has to be up to a year in advance. 

Yacht charters Fort Lauderdale provide you with what is, without a doubt, one of the most incredible vacation experiences.