A Custom Adventure

The last thing you want is another cookie cutter vacation, especially in an exotic location like the Bahamas. With this type of vacation, you can plan everything down to the letter based on what you happen to be in the mood for. Maybe you want to fish, or maybe you want to try swimming in tropical waters. No matter what, you can expect to experience a first class vacation on the high seas that will stay in your memory for years to come. 

A Boat to Remember

There are many different boats you could take, for example the 80' Sunseeker. This is a boat with plenty of features, amenities, and the ability to carry you through the most amazing scenarios and show you the most incredible vistas. Do you want to explore the cays? Walk the islands? Explore the coral reefs? All of that and more is at your disposal, and it's more than most people will get to experience in a lifetime!

A Piece of Heaven

The Bahamas features 700 different islands which are home to the most amazing corals on Earth. Want to go exploring? Scuba diving? This is an amazing area for all of the above, and you can even go swimming! When you finish yoru water based adventures, climb aboard your luxury yacht, have a snack, and try some sunbathing. This is money well spent!

From deep sea fishing to swimming, all the way to simple sight seeing, you have plenty of options, and you have the ability to embark on an expedition like no other. On the SEAS THE DAY 32' Boston Whaler Tender, you can undertake any of these activities on a vacation you will never forget.

Hiring Luxury Yacht Charters Bahamas

The Bahamas is one of the most popular vacation destinations out there, particularly for those who are looking to see some of the most incredible scenery on Earth. Getting there by yourself might be a bit of a challenge, but Seas the Day can give you the opportunity of a lifetime. Once you set sail on one of our outstanding luxury yacht charters, you can explore the 700 islands the Bahamas have to offer, and and see the things that most only witness on television. 

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