Yachting Destinations and Activities in Florida

Florida is known for many things such as beaches, snowbirds, sand, auto racing, and great seafood. But perhaps one of the biggest attractions for people looking to relax and enjoy the weather is yachting. There are many cities in Florida that specialize in this relaxing and enjoyable past time but one of the major centers in the state is Fort Lauderdale. If you're looking for a luxury yacht charter in Fort Lauderdale Florida you will have a variety of choices to suit your needs. 

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Before you go looking for luxury yacht charters in Fort Lauderdale Florida you should do some research on the City. There are many attractions in the area to see before and after your excursion on the water. Fort Lauderdale is widely regarded as the Venice of America for its massive canal systems and its large boating community. It is the seat of Broward County attracts more than 10 million visitors every year. The city houses over 40,000 personal yachts and has over 100 marinas and boatyards. In addition there are several thousand restaurants and hundreds of nightclubs to taste and experience.

Located on the southeast side of Florida Fort Lauderdale is well suited for port activities and an outstanding location for boating. Here you will have perfect access to the Bahamas as well as other exotic locales so finding a destination for your vacation is as simple as walking in or checking online. Selecting one, however, is another matter all together. There are several details to work out, primarily your port of call and the yacht type you wish to embark on. There are various types which range from smaller models that can accommodate a dozen or so people to the larger models that can accommodate 100 or more guests. The next items to consider are the crew, service quality, and of course the experiences of previous customers.


As a tourist, boating can become a major part of your vacation experience. Some people go yachting for just the sake of being on the water while others prefer to use yachting as the primary method of transport for their vacation. No matter which one you select, be sure that you get the right crew, service quality, and size of boat will help guarantee an enjoyable and relaxing vacation. Once you you've made all of your boat related decisions, all you need to is show up!


Enjoying your Hard earned Vacation

After you've browsed the various Fort Lauderdale Florida luxury yacht charters at your disposal and made your choice, it's time to board the boat and have fun. There are many ways to entertain yourself and relax on a yacht. For the larger models you have access to hot tubs, swimming pools, the ability to sunbathe on the deck, and even play games if you are so inclined. Inside you will find all the comforts of home and beyond with comfortable beds, full laundry and shower facilities, full sized kitchens, and in most cases fully stocked bars.

One of the most popular yachts that people choose for small groups and relaxing outings is the Sunseeker 80. The Sunseeker 80 Yacht is a graceful and elegant yacht on the small end of the spectrum packed full of features for the enjoyment of small groups. Some of the boats most prominent features are the flybridge, thelarge and comfortable living arrangements, and of course its exceptional use of natural lighting for the interior. In addition the boat is equipped with a variety of high tech systems for navigation and communications so you don't have to worry about getting lost.  

The Sunseeker 80 has a maximum range of 350 nautical miles and a fuel capacity of 6000 liters, or 1586 gallons if you prefer. It equipped with two MTU 12V 2000 M94 diesel   engines which power two fixed pitch propellers. This results in a maximum speed of 30 knots and a cruising speed of 24 knots. In addition the boat supports a freshwater capacity of 317 gallons and a waste water capacity of 49 gallons. All of these features combined ensure that your stay on the water will be both lengthy and comfortable.  


Things to Enjoy at your Destination​

Assuming you purchased your Fort Lauderdale Florida luxury yacht charter to go to an island instead of staying on the water you'll probably be ready to have some more fun. There are many fun and entertaining things to do in the Bahamas regardless of your age or preference. The first and foremost attraction that appeals to tourists of all ages aside from the weather would be the exotic food and drink. Let's face it, in our daily lives the food we eat day in and day out can get pretty boring, which causes us to yearn for exotic tastes and experiences. Baked, grilled, fried, raw, alcoholic, or non alcoholic, scary, you can find it all at your island destination.  

After you have had your fill you can entertain yourself with games, sunbathe on the beautiful beaches to get that perfect vacation tan, or go scuba diving among the areas preserved natural wonders. There are also plenty of less intensive but equally enjoyable activities such as nature walks, outdoor movies, theater featuring local culture, and late night strolls gazing at the sea above and below. One of the benefits of island vacations is the lack of light pollution. Being able to stare up at the night sky clearly can be an enjoyable experience and even romantic if the situation is right.  

After your vacation is finished and you're back on land heading home you'll have a wealth of memories both fun and long lasting. If you own a yacht or merely prefer to go yachting your thoughts will most likely be turned towards your next great adventure.