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A High Seas Vacation with Yach Charters FT Lauderdale

There are many people who tend to call ‘space’ the final frontier of human exploration, however there  is still much of the ocean that remains a mystery. There is truly nothing more romantic or exciting than taking a boat out on the water. Think about it! You have waves the size of buildings, animals that you could never see on the land, and places that you may never get to visit again in your lifetime, especially if you are using yacht charters Ft. Lauderdale. Take the Bahamas for example, with more than 700 islands to explore. Many of them are completely uninhabited! Imagine the white sandy beaches, sun glistening off of the water, and you, with the potential to walk in places that no one has seen before. This is the reality of a Ft Lauderdale yacht charter – the reality that you may never have even considered. The only question now, is what are you waiting for?​

Customizing the Perfect Vacation

There are many different ways to take a vacation, but when it comes to yacht charter Ft Lauderdale, you want to ensure that your vacation is customized specifically for you. This, of course, can be done! When you visit the website or even the charter location, you can specify what sort of activities you will want to be undertaking when you take the boat out. Don’t worry! If you don’t want any activities scheduled, there is most certainly a package for that too! There is no problem whatsoever with simply drifting among the islands and taking in the incredible sights crafted by nature herself. 

​If you want a bit more of a complex vacation however, why not take a look at some of the available activities? You’ll be on the water after all! Scuba diving, jet skis, island exploration, and plenty more are available with most yacht chargers, and you certainly cannot forget to visit the various ports of call.
Ft Lauderdale FL yacht charters are able to visit the various islands and essentially see what you can see. While the locals might not find island hopping or exploration to be that interesting, you, as an outsider, will obviously see them as one of the most amazing opportunities to be had, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! On a good yacht charter you will see incredible sights – sights that you may never get to see again, so enjoy it!

On Board


When you are onboard the yacht there are a number of things that you can come to expect, one of which is the ability to enjoy yourself. This is not a simple boat ride; it is a luxury yacht stuffed with all of the amenities you could possibly need. As you explore a yacht like the Sunseeker you will find a dining room, living quarters for both crew and passengers, a fully functional kitchen, and plenty of places to relax while you are on the trip of a lifetime. In fact, it’s almost like being in a hotel on the water!

​While you are onboard the yacht on any Ft
Lauderdale FL yacht charters you will come to notice that there is a full crew, prepared to help you with anything you could possibly want, and there is of course, a captain. You won’t have to worry about steering the boat, meaning you can go anywhere you want under the guidance of an experienced sailor. There is nothing quite like a yacht charter, aside from owning your own boat of course, and even then, the experience is barely comparable. 


Islands Everywhere

The Bahamas are an amazing place, even though they have a sad history. Though they are inhabited right now, there was a time when the entire population was forced to leave, and they left much of their culture behind. In fact, many things about them actually remain a mystery! There is no telling just what you might discover while you are walking those white sandy beaches and exploring those incredible places. In fact, you might find something completely new! No matter what you find however, you are certain to bring home a story unlike any that your friends or co-workers has to share. So they’ve been to an amusement park, or maybe they visited Myrtle Beach, or perhaps even went fishing on Lake Erie. These are great stories, of course, but none of them really compare to your island hopping adventure, nor do they stack up to your luxury yacht experience. Now is the time to create a legend, perhaps not only for yourself, but for your family as well!

Booking Early

As you can imagine, when it comes to a vacation as amazing as a yacht charger, there is going to be a waiting list, and if you try to book at the last minute, you probably aren’t going to get anything. That being the case, you will want to make sure that you have a plan in place, and that you make your reservations far ahead of time. There are some who actually make their yacht vacation reservations up to one year in advance, and it is well worth it. Check times and availability of the yacht charter service, and of course, make sure everything lines up. If done right, you should have an amazing experience.

​The open water can be an incredible place, and an outstanding location for your vacation. There are many who dream of spending their time on the sea and either lack the experience, the time, or the money. A good yacht charger will take care of all three for you, and ensure that you’re back home in time for dinner, unless of course you elect to have dinner on the yacht.