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Bahamas Yacht Charter - One small step to an unforgettable vacation

The Bahamas are quite popular among yacht owners and users. With over 700 islands, the Bahamas are most exotic and tropical travel destination within close proximity to the Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami area. The Bahamas islands are known to have the most beautiful beaches, shallow waters and reef systems that are short of nothing but amazing. Being such a serene location, situated within easy access from both America and Europe, there's no wonder this group of islands has gained a reputation as not only one of the best vacation destination but one of the best places for a yacht expeditions.

Why the Bahamas?

There are a few good reasons why the Bahamas are regarded as a very sought-after tourist destination. The pearly white and extremely soft sand on those beaches is only one of these reasons. The year round tropical is another point of attraction for those who love sailing and simply being on the water. Because people in the Bahamas strongly believe in conserving their natural eco system, the Bahamas were able to preserve their natural beauties,  so that you could visit and find relaxation and inner peace. There is something in the Bahamian experience for history fans as well. For example, you could visit the  Jacobean mansions such as the Sunbury Plantation House. It is also possible to visit the Mount Gay Rum Distillery, and even more than simply visit it: you can sample some of the excellent rum that's produced there.

Why yacht charters?

The Bahamas are truly a great spot for a peaceful, yet interesting holiday, full of outdoor activities and indoor comfort, should you choose a yacht charter Bahamas type of vacation. A vacation on a yacht will show you a glimpse of how the other half live, without actually the expense of purchasing a yacht. Besides, even those who are truly wealthy may opt for yacht charter
services. One of the reasons being that they don't want to handle all the additional problems that come with owning a yacht or any type of boat for that matter. Why not let others do the maintenance and storage for you, so all you have to do is sit back and relax.


What our Bahamas yacht charters can offer you?

The most important thing you will find in our Bahamas yacht charter service is the certitude of an excellent holiday, free of worries or problems. Whether you start your tropical getaway from Bimini Island or one of the other 700 picturesque islands the Bahamas has to offer, you'll enjoy a five star yachting experience, far away from any mundane problems or routines. You'll have
access to a new kind of lifestyle you have never experiences before, a lifestyle you can only find aboard motor yacht SEAS THE DAY. You will enjoy the excellent amenities on board, as well as the stunning landscape crystal blue water and the gorgeous beaches on these islands. If you are ready to get on board for your next sailing adventure, contact us for a quote TODAY! We are happy to provide you detailed information on the personalized charters and tours we offer.